Media Lucky Omens(길상:吉祥)

Media Lucky Omens(길상:吉祥)
_Interactive projection mapping with Touch OSC

The audience can conjure lucky omens by touching the Touch OSC iPhone interface
and experience a play on image and meditative value through 6 wide screens
which contain each East Asian traditional pattern each pattern has
a connotation of auspicious meaning. The lum blossom pattern means
‘to pray for virtue and purity,The pomegranate pattern means
to pray for the fecundity,Ten-Longevity means ten kinds of creatures
for ongevity and the peony pattern means to pray for being wealthy
and noble in East Asia.

_Technical Part, VVVV : Lee Sang-yong(gconic.com)
_Technical Part, iPhone App Develop: Shim Min-seok (gconic.com)